Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Baby Blue Story

How can I suddenly came out with an idea to make this baby blue clutch? Cause I'm jealous whenever see your clutch...hihi.. Blog walking everyday to crafters blog, make me copying your idea. But of course not 100% lah kan... Someone said, there is no problem to copy other's idea, but you have to make sure you did something new on it! That's called innovative. And here I am!

Combining the baby blue polka dot cotton with flower blue flannel cotton has turn to this such lovely creation. :p 

I draw my own template with my own measurement. I did not print any template given online cause I wants to feel the hardness to make something from A to Z!

So guys, I hope you love it! I will make out a tutorial to make this clutch when I am working on the second one, watch out!

1 comment:

mimie.. said...

wahh..comel nye..boleh order takk???hehe