Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tutorial: How to make a ribbon bow

Salam and hi to everyone... today I would like to share with u'ols on how to make a ribbon bow.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, both length are 4.5 inches & width 15mm.

 Fold both ends to center (refer image). Make sure there is clash around 5mm (0.5cm)

 Make a baste stitch (jahit jelujur) at the center. You have to make sure that the stitches go through 3 layers of ribbon.

 Pull the thread, and tie the ribbon.

  Using the same thread, start to baste stitch the second piece of ribbon (using same step).

 Pull the thread and tie the ribbons together.

 Done! Cut out the excess thread.
Use any of flat back as an embellishment at the center of the ribbon. You also may use another 5mm width of ribbon to tie them.

Okey, siap! Senang kan?

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Amy Syaquena said...

wah cantik , pasni leh try lak hehe...

Aku Ibu Muda said...

cubalah Amy :)